Ingeborg – performance artist, painter and art therapist. Works from Norway and USA.

Doreén – Illustrator and graphic artist. Working from Denmark

érik – Painter and art teacher. Working from Nederland.

Why IDé?

For some reason our paths crossed over the last decade. Two and two and a year ago all tree in an online challenge with the theme “Self Portraits”.

The challenge made us wonder if we could challenge our self in an art show in each of our home countries.
The local artist setting up the challenge for the show on his or her “home turf”.

And the game was on.

First show is in Bergen, Nederland.

Here the challenge will be to tell the story, over 7 same sized pictures, of our artistic development, from fascination of a know artist, over the first steps in art and end up with a self portrait as that is what brought us together.

The Opening of the show will be on the 4'th of November 2023 at the Art Gallery Tha Banque Bergen, Nederlands

The show will have the titel: "The Painted Interview" as is will encourage the audience to respond to 7 questions

My 7 pictures for the show:

The finished product:

Second show will be in Malm, Norway.

Here the story will be nature and folklore. Norway seen through different eyes.
The show will be during a local cultural festival.

The last show will be in Denmark.

The theme in Denmark will be association over daily day life.
The show will be on the seaside in Aarhus during the yearly cultural festival in Aarhus.